Dell and La Farge United MethodistChurches

Welcome to the Dell and La Farge 

United Methodist Churches

We are located in the beautiful SW section of Wisconsin in the rolling hills of the Kickapoo Valley. La Farge and Dell are both small town churches with a welcoming family feel to it. We have coffee and treats on Sunday morning. Everyone is always welcome to attend. We have no required dress code. You can come as you are. All ages are welcome. We even have a children's sermon.  

La Farge United Methodist Church - 212 West Penn Street, La Farge, WI  54639, 608-625-2375

Dell United Methodist Church - E11196 Bloomindale Road, Westby, WI  54667, 608-625-4563
Mailing Address for Both Churches - Dell/La Farge United Methodist Church, PO Box 220, La Farage, WI  54639